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Math Moves!

About the Exhibition

Comparing FormsFour museums and two research centers have collaborated, with support from the National Science Foundation, to develop, create, and evaluate Math Moves! Here are just a few of the activities you'll find when you visit:

Shadow Fractions
Make stories or scenes as you experiment with the placement of scaled objects and a bright-white LED light to cast shadows of objects on a grid. By moving these objects, you increase or reduce the size of its shadow.

Comparing Frequencies
Use one or more small wheels driven by a large wheel to create rhythmic percussive sounds. Experiment with several wheels to compare frequencies of the clicks and hear the rhythm of proportions and frequency of clicking.

Comparing Forms
In this area of Math Moves!, you'll find three chairs that are identical in every aspect except proportional scale. One chair is full scale (X), the other chairs are 1/2X, and 2X. Use your body and other measuring tools to investigate how the chairs differ in size.

Partner Motion
See how your rate of motion affects a graph on a screen. In this full-body activity, you'll walk back and forth, slowly and quickly, creating graphs of your motions. You can also work with a partner to create a number of different graph shapes. The graphs display your movement over time, giving you another way to think about and feel how your rates compare.

Drawing with Gears
At this mechanical drawing table, you'll draw harmonic patterns using proportional wheels. The drawn patterns repeat after a fixed number of rotations and are determined by the ratio of the gears used at a particular time. You'll create complex, circular drawings on paper to take home or share with other visitors.

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