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Teenage Designers of Learning Places for Children - Program Deliverables

Program Deliverables

A number of deliverables or tools were developed as a result of this project. These tools can be divided into programs and tool kits.


  • SMM Inquiry Workshop

    SMM staff found that simply establishing Investigation Stations in the advantage centers at Commonbond sites did not ensure that Commonbond staff would:

    • Facilitate the activities with the original inquiry based intent
    • Feel comfortable facilitating the activities at all

    To address this issue, SMM staff provided inquiry workshops for Commonbond staff, with the hopes of instilling an understanding and comfort with leading inquiry based activities.

  • Youth Work
  • Design Work
  • Media Documentation

Tool Kits

Learn more about St. Louis Science Center's YES program, and the Science Museum of Minnesota's Kitty Andersen Youth Science Center