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Part-Time Openings

Part-Time Openings

#1415-1047 TECHNOLOGY ASSISTANT, Science Learning Division. Part Time/Non-Exempt. The Technology Coordinator is responsible for the materials and technology needs of the Learning Technology Center (LTC) classrooms and storage rooms and supports the Science Learning Division (SLD) programs that use those resources. The position works hand-in-hand with coworkers from both LTC and SLD to determine what programs are planned and what their needs are, as well as how to best support the technology and materials. The position is expected to possess and continually develop expertise in working with a variety of hardware and software. Ideal candidates will have excellent track record of organization and time-management skills, will have experience in highly collaborative environments, and are able to work in a customer service-oriented way with co-workers.

The position carries our assignments that include packing, delivering, shopping, inventorying, organizing and repairing technology materials for education programs at the museum and off-site locations. The position also updates the computers in the technology labs with new software updates and supplies some troubleshooting support during programs.

High School diploma required. Some college preferred. One year in administrative support role, and experience working in a highly collaborative environment. Ability to work evenings and weekends. Ability to load/unload and move program materials (50 through 74 pounds). Climbing, reaching, squatting. Performing manual tasks for long periods of time (e.g. drilling holes in bottle caps for 2 hours).

Pay Rate: $12 per hour
Application Deadline: August 7, 2014.