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Part-Time Openings

Part-Time Openings

1415-1045 Museum Evaluator I
Science Learning/Evaluation and Research, Part-Time/Nonexempt EEO 1045

This job is cool because… it is an entry-level evaluation and research position for new professionals in the museum field. Evaluators are involved with studies that look at how people use, enjoy, and learn from exhibits, programs, multi-media, school outreach, and other informal educational experiences. Evaluators spend time thoughtfully interviewing, observing, and surveying visitors, while also doing tasks like data entry, transcription, analysis and reporting, in support of projects that meet the needs of the museum, our grants, and the field at large.

Share your talents by… bringing an organized and thoughtful approach to your projects. Support a team that develops, implements, and reports out on research and evaluation projects that further the mission of the Science Museum of Minnesota.

The ideal candidate will have… have excellent written and interpersonal communication skills, as well as experience successfully interacting with a diverse population regarding a wide range of topics. Also, attention to detail and the ability to follow data collection and data entry guidelines are essential. Additional requirements include critical thinking skills and the ability to be responsive to and to be perceptive of others’ verbal and non-verbal cues. Experience with Excel, NVivo, R, and other databases preferred. Bachelor’s degree including coursework in social sciences, or 2-3 years of related experience (for example, market research, data collection, census survey taker, etc.) preferred.

Pay Rate: $14.58
Application Deadline:
June 3, 2015