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Girls & Science

Saturday, October 12, 2013
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Girls & ScienceVisitors of all ages are invited to join FOX 9 and women scientists from throughout the area for the Girls & Science event at the Science Museum. This annual community event is designed to foster girls' enthusiasm for science by showcasing female scientists in wide-ranging fields of science and technology. It's a perfect opportunity for parents to introduce their daughters to the Twin Cities' best and brightest science professionals and show them that science is vital to our changing world.

Admission to the event is included in museum admission; however, in honor of the Girls & Science event, up to four children can get free museum admission on the day of the event with a coupon available at the FOX 9 Girls & Science page.

Presented by Fox 9 KMSP

Museum Lobby (Level 5)

FOX 9 Registration Table

Pick up your free Girls & Science tote bag while supplies last!

Flint Hills Resources
Play with polymers and make them glow! Learn how polyvinyl alcohol liquid, some color & a sodium borate solution create fabulous putty. Watch us demonstrate the science behind the putty-making process, then play with some putty in our tactile area.

St. Jude Medical
Check your heart rate with a Merlin machine.

Green Girls First Lego League
Watch and learn about Lego robots and how to get involved in the League.

Green Screen Learn the technology behind a television newscast, and see what it's like on the big green screen every day for the FOX 9 Weather Team. Can you accurately point to the map behind you?

Mississippi River Gallery (Level 5)

Boston Scientific
It's all about rhythm. Look at heart models and find out how heart devices keep one of our most important organs healthy and working.

The Dental Specialists Pediatrics
What's lurking in your food!! Check out a variety of foods that we enjoy in our daily lives that have been tested for sugar content.

Park Dental
Be a tooth detective! Uncover hidden plaque in your teeth, CSI style.

Exhibits and Discovery Hall (Level 4)

Thomson Reuters
Create your own web page that you can access from home later.

Flint Hills Resources
What do you get when you combine seaweed and salt? Worms! Come help us create wormy algy gels using materials derived from a special seaweed – algin – only found in the Pacific Ocean. And don't miss our "Graffiti" wall! Write with light and learn why the phosphorescent vinyl is only excited by the energy from certain colors of light.

St. Jude Medical
Explore biology – touch and examine real pig hearts. Before you don gloves and other protective gear, learn about arteries at our Blood Pressure Station.

Girl Scouts River Valleys
Exercise your senses to identify smells, sights, touch, and more! Prior Lake Robotics Take on the FIRST Technology Challenge competition robots! Learn about the mechanics and technology of robots by using them in games of skill.

Prior Lake Robotics
Take on the FIRST Technology Challenge competition robots! Learn about the mechanics and technology of robots by using them in games of skill.

Experiment Gallery (Level 3)

UTC Aerospace Systems
UTC is defying gravity! Try out Bernoulli's principle with levitation devices, test your flight skills at the loop airplane station, and "picture yourself" as a scientist when you grow up!

Super Scientists Stage (Atrium)
Drop by throughout the day to see demonstrations and experiments from FOX 9 Super Scientist Winners! Nine teachers from around the Twin Cities will share their best experiments and/or classroom activities!

Royal Credit Union
It's not just paper: Real money contains identification and authentication symbols that copies do not. Find out how to use counterfeit detection technology to tell the difference, then play a game to test your knowledge.

Auditorium (Level 3)

Weather 101

If you have preregistered for a Weather 101 Course, please come to the auditorium entrance 10 minutes before your reserved time.

If you've seen Weather 101 in past years, you know one thing: Ian and Keith like to blow things up...big time! This year's Weather 101 is no different: back by popular demand, Exploding Ping-Pong Balls! Find out what happens when Ian and Keith introduce a bottle full of liquid nitrogen to a steel drum full of ping-pong balls. You will be blown away.

Resources for Girls & Science

Weather Resources for Girls & Science