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The Science Museum of Minnesota knows educators!

"Having exhibits that support or reinforce a standard is just what is
needed to cement learning for students"
- St. Paul science teacher

Finding Science Museum resources aligned with Minnesota Academic Standards is easy. Check out our new searchable online database. Email us at with questions or suggestions.

Introduce your students to the science of chemistry with larger-than-life demonstrations. Learn More
Manipulate objects by plucking, striking, or rubbing to cause vibration. Vibrating objects make sound! Learn More
Join us for this noisy demonstration and explore the sound all around you. Learn More
Use engineering principles and your knowledge of Geometry to build human-scale structures of great height and strength. Learn More
There are a lot of headlines, protests and arguments about regulating natural gas drilling. Learn More
Participate in the scientific process! In this comedic performance, we will ask a question, hypothesize, experiment, model, and demonstrate our results. Learn More
Hear about two scientists who have been working with nano goldshells to develop a unique way to treat tumors. Learn More
This huge new exhibition features 20 fascinating specimens from the other side of the world. And cutting-edge technology puts a new twist on bringing these prehistoric creatures to life in the 21st century! Learn More
Explorations Educator Guides suggest open-ended questions for your students to help structure their exploration, provide links to classroom topics, and support curriculum goals. Learn More
Follow this essential resource for life on Earth as it moves and cycles around our planet. Learn More