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In-School Assembly


Vibrating objects make sound! Manipulate objects by plucking, striking, or rubbing them together to hear the sounds they make. A tuning fork, crystal goblets, and rubber bands are among the objects that help our investigation of sound.

Program Options: Wonders of Science: Sound is available only as a large group assembly.

ASSEMBLY MAY: 150 students

Grade Level: 
K, 1 and 2
Learning Goals: 
  • Things that make sound vibrate.
  • The vibrations of an object making sound can be observed by seeing or feeling them.
  • Different objects make different kinds of sounds, and can be manipulated to vibrate in different ways.
  • Changing the vibration of an object changes the pitch or the loudness/softness of its sound.
Academic Standard Strand: 
Nature of Science & Engineering
Experience Run Time: 
40 minutes
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Reservation Required: 
Specific Cost: 
$325 first assembly, $250 subsequent assemblies, Travel fees may apply.
Physical Location: 
At Your School

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