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In-School Assembly


Hear the story of the world's highest, driest and windiest continent: Antarctica! From its amazing wildlife and distinct physical features to its involvement in modern scientific exploration, our instructors will tell Antarctica's story through the use of stunning photography and large-scale props! Students will discover how humans can harm and protect the global environment.

Program Options: Antarctica is available as either a large group assembly or an in-depth residency.

ASSEMBLY MAX: 250 students

Grade Level: 
1, 2 and 3
Learning Goals: 
  • Animals and plants need food, water, and air.
  • Animals get their food by eating plants or other animals.
  • Living things are found almost everywhere in the world; for any particular environment, different kinds of plants and animals thrive.
  • Science is a process of trying to figure out how the world works by making careful observations and trying to make sense of those observations.
  • Scientists use different kinds of investigations depending on the questions they are trying to answer.
Academic Standard Strand: 
Life Science
Experience Run Time: 
50 minutes
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Reservation Required: 
Additional Fee
Specific Cost: 
$295 first assembly, $195 subsequent assemblies, Travel fees may apply.
Physical Location: 
At Your School

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