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Math Moves! Experiencing Ratio and Proportion

Investigating fractions, ratios, percentages and scale becomes a job for your entire body in Math Moves! Experiencing Ratio and Proportion. The exhibition stimulates visitors' mathematical imaginations and provokes math-related movement and gesture as it seeks to build mathematical abilities, interest, confidence and skills. Math Moves! exhibits are hands-on, open-ended and fun, they encourage conversation, support shared use and were designed for accessibility.

Math Moves! was developed by the Science Museum of Minnesota in partnership with the Museum of Science in Boston, the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC and Explora in Albuquerque, in collaboration with the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education at San Diego State University and TERC in Cambridge, MA.

Image Gallery
Image Gallery

NSFMath Moves! is funded by the National Science Foundation.
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