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Human Body Gallery

Six thousand square feet of highly interactive exhibits invite the visitor to learn about their own body. The exhibit addresses issues of:

  • Identity (how your body is identified genetically, through gender, fingerprints, culture, and many other ways)
  • Order (how human anatomy is organized)
  • Consciousness (how your body senses its surroundings, thinks, stores information, and creates)
  • Change (how your body is constantly changing—every day, every moment, and over evolutionary time)
  • Communication (how your body communicates with itself and with others)
  • Movement (how your body moves blood, nutrients, oxygen, waste, and other things so efficiently)

Labs provide the tools for visitors to perform biomedical experiments including creating and observing slides of their own cheek cells, stranding DNA, and identifying mystery microbes. The Perception Theater presents a 20-minute automated show on perception and illusion on a regular schedule throughout the day.

Cell Lab Summative Evaluation

Image Gallery
Image Gallery

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