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Science Buzz

Science Buzz is both a website and a library of digital and traditional exhibit components focused on science in the news, emerging research, and seasonal science that started at the Science Museum of Minnesota in 2003.

Science is an essential literacy. You might not ever need to create a recombinant vaccine or a clone, manipulate quantum dots, or generate a stem cell line, but you're asked to make sense of issues surrounding those techniques and products with every election, trip to the grocery store, or visit to the doctor's office. Every day, you probably read or hear news stories that leave you wondering "why?" or "how come?" Getting answers to questions can be frustrating and confusing. (Even articulating a question can be hard.) But it can also be fascinating. And Science Buzz is a way to dig deeper into science headlines and share questions and concerns with scientists, museum staff, and other visitors.

Science Buzz was the recipient of the Best Overall Museum Website and Best Innovative or Experimental Application awards at the Best of the Web Conference in 2006. Science Buzz also received two Excellence In Label Writing awards at the 2011 meeting of the American Association of Museums.

NSF Science Buzz was developed with support from the National Science Foundation. Learn More

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