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Exhibit Planning

The Science Museum of Minnesota's staff of professional project managers will work with your exhibit planning staff and/or architects to devise engaging and educational exhibits on topics that you wish to present to your audience. As exhibit project consultants, our staff will help your teams to:

  • Define the goals and purpose of the exhibit
  • Identify the audience to be served
  • Define the space and budget parameters
  • Meet with architects to integrate the exhibit plan with building planning
  • Examine strategies for funding acquisition
  • Clarify and develop the conceptual framework of the exhibit
  • Create task lists and timelines to provide a structure for detail development, research, exhibit design and fabrication

The final product will be an exhibit plan, created by your team and ready to implement, that effectively integrates the programmatic requirements, building design and educational goals of your institution.


Laurie Fink
Laurie Fink, Director of Science Programs

Robert Garfinkle
Robert Garfinkle, Project Leader, Science and Social Change Initiative

Patrick Hamilton
Patrick Hamilton, Program Director, Global Change Initiatives

J. Shipley Newlin
J. Shipley Newlin, Program Director, Physical Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics