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Lost Egypt

Field Trips & Educators

Lost EgyptWhat can mummies teach us about daily life 4,000 years ago in the Nile Valley? Through hands-on challenges, authentic artifacts, and guidance from real archeologists, students will unearth the mysteries of ancient Egypt. Interpret Egyptian art, decipher hieroglyphs, and examine material remains using archeology tools, technology, and inquiry process to unearth the mysteries of Egypt, its history, culture, and people.

Learning Goals for Students:

  • Lost Egypt explores how modern archaeologists use science and technology to uncover and understand the people and culture of ancient Egypt.
  • Lost Egypt is an immersive quest for knowledge that reveals how archaeologists use modern science and technology to uncover and understand the ancient civilization of Egypt.

Field Trip Admission Prices

Reduced Price Eligibility*
Museum Admission (includes Lost Egypt)
Teacher, Chaperone



* Schools with 50% or more of their students approved for free and reduced-price meals (as cited by the Minnesota Department of Education) are eligible for the museum's Reduced Price Program.

Planning Your Field Trip

  • Advance reservations are necessary for school groups.
  • Pricing valid for PreK-12th grade school groups only.
  • The museum has special rates for teachers and chaperones, depending on ratio. (There can be no fewer than one chaperone for every 10 students.) Please ask when you call to make your reservation.
  • Find information on pricing for the general public here.

Educator Resources

Lost Egypt Educator's Guide (96 pages; PDF | 5.1 MB)
Includes background information to help you become familiar with ancient Egypt, connections to the Minnesota and national education standards, and lesson plans.