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Ultimate Dinosaurs

Last chance! Closes in 4 days

Dinosaurs from the other side of the world. Now in Saint Paul.

Meet a new breed of dinosaurs this summer at the Science Museum.

Millions of years ago, the supercontinent Pangaea broke apart—dividing first into Laurasia in the north and Gondwana in the south, and later into the many continents we know today. Dinosaurs were passengers on these drifting land masses, evolving and changing as they adapted to their environment. The result? Dinosaurs with unusual—and sometimes bizarre—features that are different from the ones we know and love.

From the tiny Eoraptor to the massive Giganotosaurus (T. rex's bigger, badder cousin), Ultimate Dinosaurs is a fascinating study of species you may not have met before.

Ultimate Dinosaurs runs through August 24, 2014.


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