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CSI: The Experience


Special School Group Prices
CSI and exhibits: $5.00 per person
Note: The museum admits up to two chaperones free for every 10 students.

For more information or to book your visit, call (651) 221-9444 or (800) 221-9444, or visit our Field Trips webpage.


Educators' Guide

The Writing on the WallThe Writing on the Wall
Have your class test their skills at matching handwriting samples by constructing your own quiz using samples collected from the students themselves.

Download this Activity (PDF | 199 KB)

Spot the DifferenceSpot the Difference
Test your students' powers of observation using this interactive classroom activity.

Download this Activity (PDF | 296 KB)

This simple activity lets students use their descriptive writing abilities to describe a picture or a short scene.

Download this Activity (PDF | 171 KB)

Power of ObservationPower of Observation
How reliable are eye-witnesses? See how well you class does after watching a short video. The results may surprise you!

Download this Activity (PDF | 174 KB)

A House DividedA House Divided
Your class becomes true document examiners as they reconstruct evidence from an embezzlement scandal at a mortgage company. Can they work together to identify the culprit?

Download this Activity (PDF | 671 KB)

The Write StuffThe Write Stuff
This activity teaches students how oblique lighting can be used to read indented writing. This simple technique will make your students feel like true forensic scientists.

Download this Activity (PDF | 204 KB)

Diagnostic Forensic Solutions, Inc.Diagnostic Forensic Solutions, Inc.
In this inquiry-driven activity, students simulate running their own private forensics firm. Can they follow the evidence, catch the criminal, and stay within the budget?

Download this Activity (PDF | 514 KB)

No Bones About ItNo Bones About It
Students learn how a person's height can be calculated from the length of a single bone, then use this information to identify victims from a newly-discovered crime scene.

Download this Activity (PDF | 520 KB)

Sticky FingersSticky Fingers
Using their own fingerprints (No ink required!) your students learn about the various types of fingerprints. They then use this knowledge to finger a suspect for a recent burglary.

Download this Activity (PDF | 969 KB)