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Current Projects

Current Projects

The Collections Services Department has the ongoing duties of providing artifacts and specimens, documentation, archival information, and expertise to the Science Learning Division for exhibits and programs. The Department has developed an especially close relationship with the Collections Gallery and its Visible Lab as a public portal to the activities and collections of the Science Learning Division.

Other projects include:

Red Wing Archaeology
Collections Services and Anthropology are together undertaking a new project to establish the Science Museum as a center for archaeological studies focusing on the Red Wing area.

Science Learning Division scientists are encouraged to produce both scientific and popular publications through peer-reviewed external journals and our own series of reports, Scientific Publications and Monographs of the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Oh No! Ethnobotany!
Rose Kubiatowitz has produced a manual on toxic organic material within ethnographic collections that may become a model for museums throughout the world who have yet to undertake such a safety analysis.