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Object Identification Program

Object Identification Program

The Object Identification Program is a free service of the Science Museum of Minnesota's Science Learning Division. Curators from our Anthropology, Biology and Paleontology departments will identify up to three (3) objects for you. The identification can include (but depends on the individual object):

  • what the object is
  • what material it is or what it is made of
  • a rough estimate as to the age
  • what it may have been used for
  • how it got to the spot where you found it, or how it was formed or made

We can not give an object's value—
this is only an identification, not an appraisal.

How the program works

If you have an object you would like identified:

  • Bring your object to the Science Museum of Minnesota
  • Stop at the Box Office (Lobby/Level 5) to purchase exhibit admission OR get a free Object Identification Pass
  • Take your object to the Collectors' Corner in the Mississippi River Gallery on Level 5
  • Drop your object off with Collectors' Corner staff
  • Fill out our Object ID form (you will receive one copy as your receipt)
  • You will receive a telephone call when the ID is complete

Identifications take on average two to six weeks. Once identified, you may pick up your object(s).

Please click here for the full Object Identification Program POLICIES.

Contact the Collectors' Corner at or (651) 221-4508 if you have any questions.