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Overnight Camp-Ins - Registration Information

Registration Information

If you'd like to book an Overnight Camp-In, here is how to start:

1Look at the schedule and choose which date your group is interested in coming to an Overnight at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Determine how many in your group will register for the dinner option and how many will be responsible for dinner on their own.

2Appoint one person from your group to serve as group leader and contact the Science Museum. This leader will be responsible for:

      • Completing the registration for your group.
      • Collecting your participation fees.
      • Making payment to the museum.
      • Providing the Science Museum with final group numbers, final roster, and Participant Information forms 2 weeks prior to your scheduled Overnight Camp-In.

3Complete the registration form and mail, fax, or email your registration to the Science Museum of Minnesota: Attention Camp-In Program. Send in your $50 deposit. It's that easy! Once a completed registration is received and processed, a written confirmation and payment invoice will be out sent.

Thursday-Friday Registration Form
Saturday-Sunday Registration Form
Family Fun Registration Form

IMPORTANT: Your group is not registered for a Camp-In unless you have received written confirmation!

The Camp-In program is designed for youth of all ages and their adult chaperones. An adult-to-youth ratio of 1:8 is strictly mandated.

All Overnight Camp-Ins are multiple-group Camp-Ins (2 or more groups/families will be present at the Camp-In). Because of this arrangement, no minimum number of participants per group is required.

Exclusive Overnight Camp-Ins are also available, where your group is the only one at the event. Please contact the Camp-In program to make these special arrangements. The Exclusive Overnight Camp-In option requires a guaranteed attendance of 300 participants.

2015-16 Overnight Camp-In Program Cost:
$50 per participant (including dinner)
$46 per participant (without dinner)

2015-16 Family Fun Camp-In Program Cost:
$45 per participant*
$40 per participant (members)*
*Dinner is included with all Family Fun Camp-Ins

Camp-In CoEd Policy
All Science Museum of Minnesota Camp-Ins are coed. We encourage parents and chaperones of both genders to attend with their children or charges. The Camp-In Team is also made up of both males and females. Therefore, all efforts will be made to provide appropriate accommodations, providing a fun and safe experience for all. If you have any questions concerning this policy, please call (651) 221-4511.

Cancellation Policy
Because your cancellation can affect other groups who might be attending a scheduled Overnight Camp-In, written notice of cancellation must be received by the museum in a timely manner. If cancellation is done more than 4 weeks prior to the scheduled event, no cancellation fee will be applied. If cancellation is done with less than 4 weeks' notice, a cancellation fee based on 25% of the group's final total bill will be applied. The Science Museum of Minnesota reserves the right to cancel any Camp-In event should inadequate registration make the event economically unfeasible to operate. If this is necessary, a Camp-In Team member will notify the group's contact person at least one month prior to the scheduled event—we hold open all Camp-Ins as long as possible to try to fill them! If the Science Museum cancels a Camp-In, no cancellation fee will be assessed. Occasionally, we do cancel due to severe weather. If this occurs, a Camp-In Team member will notify the group's contact person immediately and all efforts will be made to reschedule the event or reassign your group to a different event date.