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Biology Projects & Reseach

Biology Projects & Research

Current subjects of investigation by the Biology Department include birds, mammals, molluscs, selected groups of insects (dragonflies, butterflies) and local Minnesota botanical collections. Learn about the Science Museum of Minnesota's bryophyte (moss) collection.

A primary example is the Assistant Curator's continuing long term biological surveys of the vascular flora, mammals, birds, herps, and selected invertebrate groups of Wadena County, Minnesota, with investigations focusing upon the interactive dynamics of plant and animal communities.

Recently completed is the publication The Flora and Fauna of Wadena County, Minnesota Part I: The Butterflies (Lepidopterae: Hesperoidae and Papilionoidea) of Wadena County, Minnesota. It is the first published report of this kind for any county in Minnesota. It and future publications will undoubtedly elevate the county to among the best inventoried counties in Minnesota.

For more information about the Biology Department, or if you have a specimen to donate, please contact Richard Oehlenschlager at (651) 221-9450 or email .