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Cordry Internship 2004-2005 Photo Gallery

Cordry Internship 2004-2005 Photo Gallery

The Chorotega Revival Folk Art Movement Contemporary Costa Rican Ceramics

Mauricio Grijalba Villarreal works on a replica of a Pataky Polychrome style vase (an archeological classification). The replica depicts abstract monkeys and rope-like patterns on horizontal bands around the width of the vessel. The intertwining rope bands are highly stylized plumed serpents, a decisively Mesoamerican deity that is also known as 'Quetzalcoatl.'

Luis Fernando Sánchez Grijalba shapes the rim of a Santiago Appliqué style vessel, while his mother, Maribel Sánchez Grijalba, shapes monkeys drawn from her own imagination on the vessel's legs.

Jenny Padilla Chavarría specializes in tinajas with ecological motifs, such as this one with the colorful macaw.

Like Zoraida Grijalba Villafuerte in the photo to the left, traditional potters tend to be older and usually women, having learned their craft before the rise of tourism and when it was taboo for men to manufacture ceramics.

Cordry Intern Aaron Johnson-Ortiz taking a photograph.
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