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Cordry Internship 2000-2001 Photo Gallery

Cordry Internship 2000-2001 Photo Gallery

Ceramic Production and Pre-Columbian Replicas from San Vicente de Nicoya, Costa Rica

Ilsio is hand-building three traditional vessels in the San Vicente ceramics workshop Taller Chorotega. The vessel in the foreground is the base of a tinaja, which was used to carry and store water. Perched to the right of the tinaja is the body of a jarron. This vessel likewise was used for storage purposes. The final piece that Ilsio is working on is called a chancho. It is basically a jumbo-sized "piggy bank" the likes of which have been made by generations of San Vicente women. While Ilsio builds the chancho, she allows the other pieces to dry so that she may continue working on them next.

Jaguar pots are a trademark of San Vicente's ceramic tradition in pre-Columbian copies. Within his uncle's workshop, Mauricio concentrates on decorating the head of this jaguar. He is known and hired throughout the community for his fine painting and also has a ceramics workshop of his own.

The jarrones in this photo are specialties in El Silencio, a neighborhood within San Vicente. To give you an idea of how large these jarrones can be, Maureen, the daughter of one of the women who polishes the ceramics made in this workshop, stands about three feet tall.
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