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2013 Annual Report

Letter from the President

Dear friends,

Many of today's scientists were not yet born when NASA launched the Voyager research vessel in 1976, but its methods and data continue to influence the scientific work we do today. It's a perfect example of science and exploration expanding to reach across generations.

This is our vision: to create programming and initiatives that touch a future we will not see. It means making new connections and partnerships beyond the horizon of the Museum's home in Saint Paul. It includes reaching beyond the boundaries of our communities and inspiring a generation of people we have not personally encountered to better serve our collective futures.

This is the mission of the Science Museum of Minnesota—to enable educators, policymakers, and learners of all ages to be full participants in their world through science.

In the past year, we've pursued that mission in many ways, bringing our signature brand of science learning to new audiences and partners. We've expanded our outreach to communities throughout the state, found innovative new ways to support teachers and students, and formed new and important partnerships with museums and other institutions, both public and private. Our hope is to enable our visitors, partners, and friends to influence a future we can only begin to imagine—a future that will be so much larger than anything we know today.

In 1976, the Voyager spacecraft was launched with only 68 kilobytes of computer power. This is about the size of an average document file, or 1/240,000th of the computing power of your smartphone. Yet, the instruments on board that research vessel still serve to expand our knowledge of the universe. Imagine what the tools of tomorrow will bring to the generation we have not yet met.

Thank you for your support.


Eric J. Jolly

Dr. Eric J. Jolly,
President, Science Museum of Minnesota

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