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Borealosuchus (=Leidyosuchus)

Borealosuchus (=Leidyosuchus)
Wannagan Creek Quarry, North Dakota
SMM P75.22.29

This skull represents one of 80 individual crocodiles that were collected by the paleontology department during the Wannagan Creek Expeditions between 1970 and 1996. Crocodiles were only part of the assemblage of 8,800 specimens recovered for the museum. Numerous other previously unknown species of alligator, turtle; fishes, a bird, and mammals were also discovered in addition to new species of fossil plants.

Curator’s pick

Due to the large number of bones of Borealosuchus the opportunity to describe every aspect of the skeleton made that a very important and interesting study.
– Bruce R. Erickson, Fitzpatrick Chair of Paleontology