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Last chance! Ultimate Dinosaurs closes tomorrow

Ultimate DinosaursThe prehistoric giants of the Southern Hemisphere have been thrilling visitors all summer long. It won't be long, though, before the exhibition goes the way of its star performers. Don't miss your chance to see the menacing Carnotaurus, the tiny Eoraptor, the infamous Giganotosaurus, and more.
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Dinosaurs Alive! on the giant screen

Dinosaurs AliveThe dinosaurs of the Triassic to the monsters of the Cretaceous come back to life on the Omnitheater's giant screen. Follow some of the most preeminent paleontologists of our time as they uncover evidence that the descendants of dinosaurs still walk (or fly!) among us.
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Explore the Big Back Yard this summer

Big Back YardMini-golf and outdoor science fun is only a putter's length away! The Big Back Yard invites you to take on a science-style mini golf course flooded with clues about how water shapes the land.
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